Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace

How does diversity in the workforce promote progress and long a term plan for optimum productivity? Is it too complicated? Things can seem too complicated from your perspective. But you should not get stuck up in it. Usually, the way to understand it is to look at it from a different angle. While you are figuring that out, curiosity will take over and you will look at it from other angles and then another, then another and then another and you will finally figure out how the elephant really looks like for a blind man. In some ways, if you are with me still, you understand diversity. So, let’s scrutinize it, shall we?

Well then, what is diversity. The Cambridge Dictionary will tell you it is different types of people and things. Let’s see what Merriam-Webster feels about this; “The condition of having or being composed of differing elements” Okay, maybe we will be a little less meticulous about it and a little more real-life implement-ish.

Diversity is all of those things they said. Of course, they know better for they are wise. Diversity in Workforce is however all the same. It is not just a positive persona for the workforce, it has many other benefits too:

Out of “The Box”

Well, having a working force that consists of people from many different cultures and nativity means you have a good creative force who will bring many ingenious ideas on the table. That is a team others will fear. The A-Team, yeah! You know what the “A-Team” is right? If you haven’t heard of it or seen it yet, you should give them a try. You might fall in love with it. You know what the A-Team looks like? That is a Smith, a Benedict, a Murdock and of coerce, B.A. Mr. T. Get the pun? It is a cool show, don’t get me wrong. It could’ve been better. The Movies were enjoyable.


Different variety of people will find their own ways to compete amongst each other. Usually, the race has little to with it, and competence which is the real issue. But, on the plus side, you will see them finding greater motivations for very personal reasons. Pro Tip: Don’t be rude.

The Panoptical Talent Pool

You’ll get the joke. Panopticon has a little something to do with Michel Foucault. Look into it you are into madness and civilizations. Here though, what it means for an organization is all the same. Remember how you got wiser and wiser as you kept looking at the elephant from different angles? Look at it this way, a diverse crew will do that in few moments flat. They will all look at the same problem from all different angles to find a solution fast.


A diverse working environment is an attractive one. Diverse is all sense; age, gender, race, class and what not. It promotes trust among third party companies from locality and international. A diverse workforce promotes the idea of economic balance among people of all variety. They offer a diverse group of people the chance to improve their livelihood. If that is not a positive message, what is?