Why employees want to work for companies that align with their social views

Why employees want to work for companies that align with their social views

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A few factors that contribute to employee turnovers are remunerations, benefits, flexible work, and safety. But as the wok place dynamics are evolving, employees have also started to lookout for a workplace that aligns with their values.

The pandemic has shown the world that it is very important for any organization to carry out a set of moral guidelines and have a Green approach for sustainability and innovation. Consumer habits are changing as they are paying more attention to the brands that they are supporting. Are the raw materials sustainable? Are their activities affecting the environment? Or are they exploiting third-world Labor? They take these and many other factors into account. So it is only logical that job seekers are also having a similar approach while looking out for companies to work for.

More and more job seekers are willing to work for organizations that have better alignment with their social views. Recent studies from Gartner have shown that 75% of employees expect their employers to contribute to the current societal and cultural issues.

Although social views might not be the number one issue for an employee to leave an organization, it is one of the things that can attract a new coherent employee. This gets to the heart of a company’s CSR (Corporate Social responsibility).

CSR reflects a company’s contribution to achieving social equity, environmental protection, and economic prosperity. Thus having strong CSR strategies will benefit a company to build a strong and unique brand.

So it falls in the core responsibilities of effective HRs to help any organization build and develop their CSR strategies. They need to ensure that all the company’s decisions are transparent and are in favor of sustainability and augments to social causes. HR leaders need to ensure that the company acts as a role model in the community and has strong opinions about social and environmental issues.

However, it is seen that CSR and internal/ external politics often intersect. Any successful organization needs to spend time and resources to reposition their brand and plan to articulate their CSR strategies and stir away from politics whenever possible.

The Pandemic, the expeditious degradation of the environment, alarming climate change, changes in international laws, and more have forced a lot of individuals to think about their actions and consequences. People have become more aware and conscious. So it is just rational for organizations to take in new sustainable policies to thrive and be more successful.