Importance of exit interviews

Importance of exit interviews

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The purpose of an exit interview is to assess an employee’s overall experience with the organization and discuss the employee’s reasons for leaving. It helps the organization to identify opportunities and improve retention and engagement. Here are 8 reasons to show why exit interviews are important for the growth of organizations:

Deeper look into the workplace
Exit interviews offer a deeper look into the day-to-day processes of an organization, its management solutions, culture and employee morale. This helps to assess problems that need to be rectified immediately.

Protect Company from risk
The data and insight collected can be used to create a more positive working environment to protect the organization from risks of losing efficient employees in the future.

Leaving on a positive note
Any organization needs to have a good image in the job market as an employer. Exit interviews allow the employees to provide constructive feedback and leave on a positive note.

Last-minute negotiations
Exit interviews allow an organization to review obligations from the employee who wants to leave. The HR can hear out the problem and negotiate a better deal and reduce employee turnover of the firm.

Insight on employee needs
The company will get a better insight into recruitment, on-boarding and training needs of the employees. The feedback will help the company to identify areas that can help to improve staff retention.

Management development
Exit interviews can also improve opportunities in management developments and help in the succession planning of the organization.

Concerns on misconduct
Employees are more likely to report any misconducts, unfair evaluations, or unethical behavior from Seniors, Co-workers, or subordinates in the exit interviews as they do not have anything to lose.

It is cost-effective to facilitate exit interviews. The company can learn how the management team is handling issues in the workforce which might have contributed to the employee’s decision to leave the organization.

When employee issues are addressed effectively within the workplace, it eliminates the need for external investigations and litigations which can follow bad publicity for the firm.
These interviews can also foster positive relationships and a productive working environment. So as an employer if you are not conducting exit interviews, consider all the values that it can bring to your organization.