Working from home: The New Normal

Working from home: The New Normal

The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted almost every aspect of our lives. It has forced many companies to shut down and others to take a different approach to sustain. A lot of companies have taken the advantage of the digital advancements and fast-speed internet to carry out their activities online, allowing the employees to work from home.

With covid-19 restrictions easing down and mass vaccination programs being held to fight the pandemic, it is likely for things to get back to normal. What will the future of the workplace look like after this pandemic is over?

The future of the workplace will likely be a combination of remote work and working from the office post-pandemic. Businesses and companies have discovered roles and activities that are more suitable to carry out remotely, such as communicating and gathering data and information. On the other hand, some activities need the employees to be physically present, like in the manufacturing and healthcare sector.

With employees completing their tasks from home, and HR realizing that most employees are more efficient working remotely, it is safe to say that the workforce is moving away from the traditional office-centric model of work towards a more hybrid model.

Moreover, remote work reduces barriers to employment faced by people with disabilities. Working remotely alleviates stresses and other difficulties that workers with disabilities can face at the office, including commuting. It gives employees the ability to share their skills in different ways.

Companies can also hire employees from overseas. Companies can now have an extensive talent pull from all over the world. This can help to reduce unemployment and help the business run more efficiently.

Businesses adopting new technologies to become more flexible and adaptable have brought in the potential to improve employment opportunities. Since the world has come to adapt to carrying on essential functions of a job remotely, it has opened a Pandora of opportunities for the future of the workplace post-pandemic.